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Coffee tables made from recycled wood.

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About Me

It all started when I saw my father's old lunch box. When I asked what this metal box was he said that it was his lunch box and that it started out as his father's but got passed down to him. I was amazed that there was a company out there that made lunch boxes well enough to last so long. This made me realize that many products today are not made like that but are cheaply made. This made a lasting impression on me. Because of this, I wanted to create a company that uses what is old and makes something that will last. In order to do this, I take wood that is no longer being used and create rustic coffee tables.

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#1 (ONE)

SIZE (inches): 46 x 28 x 20

This is a very sturdy table that is made from recycled pallets and is a beautiful dark walnut color.

How To Buy

1.  Decide which table you would like.

2.  Move down to "Get In Touch".

3.  Enter your information.

4.  In "Message" enter which table and delivery option.

5.  Press SEND.

I will personally be in contact with you ASAP!

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Get in Touch

Are you ready to buy a table, or you just have some questions? Either way send me a message!

(815) 200-9891

Thanks for submitting!

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Delivery Options

Delivery Fee = $1 per mile from business location.

BUSINESS LOCATION- 207 sunset ln. Mt. Morris, IL 61054.

In Home

This option is the simplest and requires no lifting or even moving of the table! In home delivery means that I will personally be delivering your table right into your home to the perfect spot that you have chosen.

 (Delivery fee required)

Front Porch

This options takes your new table right to your front door. This allows you to take the table into your home and put it the best place!
(Delivery fee required)

Pick Up

This is the cheapest option with no delivery fee. All you have to do is contact me through "Get in Touch" and set a date and time for pick up. Then pick up your table to take home!
(No delivery fee!)

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